North London Shamrocks Youth Registration Form

Please print out and complete this form and return it in a sealed envelope with payment by cheque (pay north london shamrocks youth) or cash, copy of identity and 2 passport sized pictures (if not previously done)


Players Name________________________________________________________


Address ____________________________________________________________


Player Date of birth  _____________________________  Age _________________


Parent / Guardian 1. Name _____________________________________________


Mobile Tel:____________________________ Home Tel ______________________


Parent / Guardian 2. Name _____________________________________________


Mobile Tel:____________________________ Home Tel ______________________


Which of the above Parents / Guardian will be club  member  : _________________


Email/s  (PRINT)   _______________________        _______________________


Has the youth player named above any medical condition that may affect their ability to participate in GAA sports? Please give details.



Do you agree in “emergency medical situation” that an appropriately registered screened club mentor /coach can apply first aid to the above named youth player or escort them to hospital if appropriate ? ____________________________________


Players may be photographed or filmed for coaching purposes or as part of match / training coverage for media use. Such photographs / video will adhere to the GAA child protection guidelines for use of images. Do you give your consent for the above named player to be part of photographs/video as described ? __________________


Information on team training, fixtures or club news will be sent to you via individual or group emails / texts. Do you agree to accept these forms of communication ?______


Do you give consent for this player to be included in the GAA online registration system _____________________________________________________________


Are you available to help with coaching sometimes ?_______   Who is ? _________